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Up scaling phage production in a small biotech company


October 6, 2020
1100 AM Eastern Time (GMT-4)
4:00 PM Glasgow (GMT+1)

Thank you all for coming! A quick note — Gordon Smith from Fixed Phage joined us at the last minute instead of Emma Bell.

How does a small biotech scale up #phage production? Join us next Tuesday, Oct. 6 @ 4PM GMT+1 for #PHAVES 8, where Dr. Emma Bell, Principal Bacteriophage Scientist @FixedPhage, will share how they've tackled this using the @CellexusLtd #CellMaker

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Principle Bacteriophage Scientist at Fixed Phage

Emma Bell is the Principle Bacteriophage Scientist at Fixed Phage, Glasgow, UK.

Fixed Phage is a company that designs, develops and commercialises phages to solve bacterial challenges within human and animal health, as well as within agricultural and food processing.

Emma has been at Fixed Phage for 10 years, with expertise in bacteriophages and antibacterial surface technology.