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Phage researcher & veterinarian perspective: Phage therapy to combat a shell infection in a sea turtle


Wednesday, November 10 2021 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time (EST)

Today's Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84695754954?pwd=NVYvTVl3dFMyL3pOdkJ3N2xnc2pNUT09

A 42-year old loggerhead sea turtle suffered from a septicemic cutaneous ulcerative disease (SCUD) for the past 4 years, over time, the infection became resistant to most antibiotic treatments. Collaboration between veterinarians and researchers from several universities, phage therapy in combination with antibiotics was administered using multiple routes of application over an 8 month period, leading to a reduction in clinical symptoms. Join this seminar to hear from veterinarian Dr. Whitney Greene & phage researcher Prof. Julianne Grose talk about this success story.

This webinar has been sponsored by Phage Futures Europe 2021. Register here for their upcoming translational phage therapy conference, Nov 23-24, in Brussels, Belgium. Use code PD10 for 10% off!

Prof. Julianne Grose Profile Image

Prof. Julianne Grose

Professor at Brigham Young University

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Dr. Whitney Greene