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Phages as a teaching tool, and stories from 60 years of phage


February 16, 12pm Eastern Time / 5pm GMT

PHAVES #12 will be a seminar with Dr. Betty Kutter of the Evergreen State College. Small group networking to follow!

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Head of the phage biology lab and professor emeritus at the Evergreen State College

I have been on the faculty at The Evergreen State College since 1972 (the year after it opened), taking with me a 3-year NIH grant that I had just been awarded as a postdoc at the University of Virginia, and opened my lab when our first lab building opened in January of 1973. From 1977 to 2010, Phil Harriman at NSF always saw to it that I had a "Collaborative Research at Undergraduate Institutions" grant -- and usually had about 5 to 10 students in the lab, plus a research assistant. I formally retired from teaching in 2009, but kept my lab going. The lab had never closed until this last spring and summer, when the pandemic forced the school into distance learning -- it started re-opening on a small scale in last fall, led by several of my recent students.