We've heard from many of you that you're missing out on hearing about each other's phage work, and that you already miss talking to your fellow phage researchers and developers! So we're planning a series of virtual phage events.

What will the format be?

We'll be experimenting with different formats, depending on the topic and participants. Formats we're considering: traditional (~20-30 min) research seminar + Q&A, with optional breakout rooms for smaller discussions, panel discussion, one-on-one interview with an invited guest, journal club, informal mixer/happy hour, AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Sign up to present!

If you're interested in presenting your research or your company's progress, and you've already got a topic in mind (for example, say you're a PhD student with a slideshow you prepared for a meeting), please sign up below. We'll get in touch to chat about the best format, length, and specifics.

Nominate a speaker, topic or format!

Do you have a topic in mind or a person you'd love to hear from? (Examples: I'd like to hear Betty Kutter give an overview of the history of phage therapy; or, I'd like to hear phage therapy biotech companies discuss how they're designing their clinical trials).

Submit your nominations on Slack: https://phage.directory/slack

Or email us at: events@phage.directory

Interested in sponsoring?

Email us at sponsor@phage.directory and we'll get in touch with details.


Flexible Seminar Date

We are currently working out our seminar schedule, but if you'd like to speak about a topic, please fill out this form!