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We've heard from many of you that you're missing out on hearing about each other's phage work, and that you already miss talking to your fellow phage researchers and developers! So we're planning a series of virtual phage events for 2020 we're calling PHAVES.

We'll be experimenting with a range of formats, including seminars, flash talks, interviews, panels and more! Plus, we'll be incorporating opportunities to meet and chat with other phage enthusiasts, so bring your video-on attire!

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Upcoming PHAVE

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Learning How to Engineer Genomes by Building Phage


November 10, 5:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4) / November 11 at 9:30 AM AEST

In this talk I will share some research stories about highly engineered øX174 phage created in my group and what lessons we have learned about genome engineering in general and phage engineering in particular. Specifically I will present the design and characterization of the first fully decompressed genome created from the highly overlapped øX174 phage and attempts to finish the genetics of øX174.

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Paul Jaschke Profile Image

Assistant Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, and CSO of Hyperdrive Science

Dr. Paul Jaschke is an Assistant Professor in the Molecular Sciences Department of Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia).

His research group is focused on using phage as models for issues faced during whole genome refactoring and while converting to new genetic codes.

Dr. Jaschke is also CSO of the start-up Hyperdrive Science which provides drug target identification services to pharmaceutical companies using phage. His lab is looking for collaborators who need help engineering phage.

Previous PHAVES

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Up scaling phage production in a small biotech company

Emma Bell Profile Image

Principle Bacteriophage Scientist at Fixed Phage

Item cover image

The potential of phage therapy in aquaculture

Panos Kalatzis Profile Image

Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, and co-founder of Aquatic Biologicals

Item cover image

TAILORing Phage Therapy for the Gut and Beyond

Sabrina Green Profile Image

Maresso Lab, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, United States Tailor Service Center, Houston, TX, United States

Item cover image

Boosting phage exploration by Artificial Intelligence: what could data science do for your research?

Piotr Tynecki Profile Image

R&D Manager, AI Software Engineer , PhD student. PhageAI co-creator, Phages2050 promoter. @ptynecki

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Virtual phage series kick-off party: Welcome to PHAVES!

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Co-founder of Phage Directory

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Co-founder of Phage Directory

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[October 2020 Update]: Our seminar schedule for 2020 is full, but we are considering If launching PHAVES Season 2 for 2021. If you're interested in presenting your research or your company's products in 2021, please sign up below. We'll get in touch to chat about the best format, length, and specifics.


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